What are small Christian communities in the church?
Small Christian communities in the church are Christian families that come together to prayer together at least once per week, it comprises at least 2-15
families maximum. They share their spiritual happiness together in times or joy and sorrow.


The role of small Christian community in the parish is very essential and vital parish life. This is the pillar of the parish in the sense that any
program’s has to begin from small Christian community level be sacraments or development of the church today. All of us being to the small Christian
community in one sense. In fact, the Church leaders come from small Christian communities. So the following are major roles of small Christian community in
our Parish;

  1. Knowing each other strength and weakness as catholic Christians and ready to help
  2. Praying and catechizing together as one family of God under one parish and protection of one Saint who has done the will of God.
  3. Discussing any issue of the Church development as well personal issues of the community
  4. Learning from each other verbal prayers, also you can ask any question or suggestion from there.
  5. Planning any ceremonial of sacraments together
  6. Helping the poor around the community etc

We have eight small Christian Community in our parish thus; –

  1. St. Nicodemus
  2. St. Monica
  3. St. Anne
  4. St .Theresa
  5. St Mary
  6. St. Paul
  7. St. John evangelist
  8. St. Veronica

Small Christian community comprises fifteen families or more, although the standard number of the family should not exceed fifteen depending on
geographical set up of their families.

Each small Christian community they have their own patron Saints and their leaders as well, we have Eight small Christian communities, and they are as