In our parish we have also apostolic movement to faster the spiritual renewal to their members. The following are active apostolic movements in our Parish;

Catholic Men Association (CMA)

Their role in the parish is very important as a father in a family. The movement helps the church as the father guards his own home; they suggest any
development changes to improve the welfare of the parish be planning and other sources of finance of the Parish. They do help each other how to live their
Christian life spiritually and morally .Encourage elapse Christians. Their feast in on the 1st May each year.

For more information contact the following leaders.

– Chairperson Mr. Odhiambo Ignatious

– Vice chairperson Mr. Nyangare

– Secretary Mr. Joachiam Lemeria

– Treasury Mr. Macharia John

Catholic women Association (CWA)

Their role is to help the male parents who are lapsing to go the church and help them to sort up their difficulties in sacrament of marriage. more so to
help each other how to be good catholic parent in times of joy and sorrowful. They do propose any development plans in the church since they leaders too.
They are very active in the church; they do have their day of leading in the church at least once by month and after mass they also have their meeting
every last Sunday of the month.

To join the movement or for more information see the following leaders.

– Chairperson Mrs. Virginia Ngere

– Vice chairperson Mrs. Agnes Muthuma


We know the youth are Leaders of “tomorrow” as the common saying states, without proper encouragement and recognition of youth there is no hope in the
church. So we have different activities that we involve our youth beside the games and physical activities that they enjoy most. We have spiritual
instructions fostering them to attend the Mass when they are back at home from the schools and be active members of YCS in their respective schools and
colleges. The major role of the youth in church is to engage in and enrich themselves with spiritual nourishment to support the church in all aspect as
leaders in future.

Society of St Vincent of De Paul

  1. Chairperson
  2. Vice chairperson Mr.
  3. Secretary –
  4. Assistant secretary
  5. Treasury –

Legion of Mary

  1. Chairperson -Mr. Michael Kinuthia
  2. Vice chairperson Mr. Monica Mbeki
  3. Secretary – Agnes Chesile
  4. Assistant secretary-
  5. Treasury – Peter Mondo

This group they have three major commitments in our parish they — the are dedicated to spread the good news of Christ as well his mother to all

Pontifical Missionary Childhood

  1. Chairperson -Mr. – contact-
  2. Vice chairperson Mr.
  3. Secretary –
  4. Assistant secretary
  5. Treasury –
  6. Matron – Miss. Sarah